Personalized Learning Driver Model Resources

Welcome to the Imaginarium's Personalized Learning Resource Bank! These resources have been collected, vetted and organized to support to implementation of personalized learning through the secondary drivers outlined in the Imaginarium's Personalized Learning Driver Model.


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Foundational Practices

Foundational Practices

The elements highlighted in this section are foundational for successful implementation of Personalized Learning. We recommend that school communities self-reflect on these elements to determine their strengths and areas for growth. If a foundational practice is missing, we recommend planning for how to improve in that area to ensure Personalized Learning work is successful.

Primary Drivers

Secondary Drivers

Learner Paths

Learners have a deep understanding of their own assets, needs and interests and use this information to create and monitor personalized goals.

Evolving Learner and Teacher Roles

Evolving Learner and Teacher Roles

Strategic Resource Use

Learners adapt their use of space, technology, and time and develop community partnerships to meet their learning goals and improve the learning process.

Developing & Demonstrating Competencies

Learners progress at their own pace based on transparent assessment and authentic demonstrations of learning.