Goal Setting & Progress Monitoring


Teacher Driven to Learner Centered


READ Engaging Students in Self Assessment & Goal Setting -  This resource packet is packed with templates, tips and tools to support learners in developing the skillsets to be able to self assess and set goals.
READ How to use SMART Goals - The article defines what a SMART goal is and tips on action steps that your learners can take. 
READ (Δ) Goal Setting in Elementary School - This blog provides a detailed explanation from one teacher on her process for student ownership of goal setting. 
READ Six Reasons You Should Start Setting Learning Goals With Your Students - The rationale for goal-setting. 
USE SMART Goal Template - SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rigorous, Time-bound) Goals are created by the students. This template provides probing questions to help students create SMART goals. It would have to be adjusted for elementary. 
READ Student Led Conference with resources - This reading discusses the pathway to achieving quality learner led conferences. It also provides links to other sites that help guide the conferences. 
WATCH Schoolwide Structures for Student-Led Conferences from EL Education on Vimeo.This video provides examples of successful leaner led conferences as well as provides strategies to have them in your school. 

WATCH Example of a High School Student Led Conference
WATCH Example of a Kindergarten Student Led Conference
WATCH Example of a Middle School Student Led Conference
WATCH Schoolwide Structures for Using Data with Students from EL Education on Vimeo.This video features a principal reflecting on the success of changes that the school made about data usage. She identifies a few strategies that help with teacher support of individualized student data analysis. 
READ The Student Role in Formative Assessment: How I Know Practitioner's Guide from Getting Smart. This guide outlines the students' role in a formative assessment classroom environment.  Student behaviors include: engaging with learning goals, developing success criteria, providing feedback to peers, receiving feedback from teachers and peers, and more.

Learner Centered to Learner Driven


READ Metacognition and Goal-setting - Explains the role of metacognition and growth mindset in student goal setting. 
WATCH Students Own Their Progress - Students track and metacognitively think about how they are progressing on standards using classroom work and tests as evidence. Students Own Their Progress from EL Education on Vimeo.


USE Mastery Tracker - Learners complete a mastery tracker/unit survey to identify mastery and reflect on prior lessons and next steps that they need to take.