Dr. Christopher Emdin's 3 Cs

The below ideas can be implemented tomorrow and have a proven impact with students and classroom culture.

Co-generative Dialogue (Chapter 4) This technique involves utilizing approximately 4 - 5 students in the classroom to engage in conversationaround a problem of practice.

•The teacher recruits the students to meet at a special time and be part of a special group- give the group a name

•The teacher is the facilitator that gets the talk started with the problem of practice. The teachers is not the leader of the group

•The teacher presents the problem of practice to the group - ex: during the math lessons this week I noticed that students were not completing the assignments during the opening “do now”. Then, theteacher would ask for input on how to change this part of the work

•The group will decide on what to do to change the “do now” to be a more productive time in the math block, each person can have a role in that change - for example a student could use a silent signal to the teacher about talking too long. The teacher MUST implement the change for the Cogen to be work and for students to believe in the process.