5 Things To Consider Before You Build Your Makerspace

Elise Van Dyne Van Dyne | 2016 Design Challenge Winner | Executive Director, Colorado Maker Hub |

For educators planning a new makerspace, often the first step is to purchase all the amazing tools you can. While that’s tempting, there are a few steps we recommend you explore first.

1. Take On A Maker Mindset
Try incorperationg design thinking and collaborative
problem solving in your makerspace lesson plans. When
done with a hands-on curriculum it fosters not only
mastery of the tools, but creative confidence, problem
solving skills and learning resilience.

2. Looking For Makerspace Lesson Plan Resourses?
Some places to start to learn about developing maker projects and skills are:  Maker Ed, A Year in the Making,  or Instructables. These websites offer useful ideas for projects and tools to use in your makerspace.