Human centered Design is an innovative approach to problem solving. We start with people and end with innovative solutions to meet their needs. We seek first to understand the user and design from their perspective.

Sessions are open to all levels of experience and provide opportunities to learn and apply innovative practices to daily work and real world problems.  The program challenges traditional beliefs about professional learning, problem solving and expertise, and organizational silos. This disruption to the how of the way we work cultivates leaders who have the will and skill to use innovation to problem solve across teams and by focusing innovation skill-building on real problems of practice.

Ideation Session

Innovation is not easy. Generating new ideas when you are entrenched in what you have always done makes it even harder. That’s why through the use of Human Centered Design and Design Thinking the Imaginarium offers “Design Thinking Ideation Sessions.”

What is an ideation session? Well, put simply it is a thinking and learning session, lead through the use of human centered design and design thinking that helps you come up with ideas, but not just old ideas NEW ideas that challenge the norms of what you have always done.

The important thing to remember is that an ideation session is NOT a brainstorming session. In ideation sessions, each attendee will be pushed- out of their comfort zone, out of their traditional role, out of their box.