School Design

The Imaginarium guides schools through an iterative  human centered design process with the goal to develop personalized learning school models and honor the DPS value of “Students First”.  The schools teachers  and leaders work  collaboratively,  learning and planning  the work of creating personalized pathways for students.  Opporpportunities include support creating paper prototypes and blueprints of their models, travel  for out-of-state learning trips and access to personalized learning experts.  Once schools are ready to roll out their new models and well-developed implementation plans, they will continue to receive the guidance and support from the Imaginarium to ensure that schools accomplish success.  This program requires the commitment of a team of 5 or more educators in a school, including full participation from the school leader. Motivated school teams ready to create transformative experiences for students can apply for the Personalized Learning School Design Program.

Download the PLSD flyer for program details.


Student School Design Club (closed for admissions)

Students know school.  They know what they like and what is effective for their learning.  Why don’t we ask them how a school should be designed? The Student School Design Club has set out to do just that.  This club is composed of students and facilitated by Imaginarium leaders who have a mission to research and develop an actual proposal for their ideal school.  Meeting weekly over lunch, the club discusses the philosophies and environments that help or hinder their interest and achievement. Students collaborate with the help of the Imaginarium’s design process to formulate their ideas into a school proposal.


Our Clients

We have served over 90 schools, 15 design challenge winners and a small group of central office teams. We work with students, educators and administrators, central office staff and a variety of community partners. See our list of imaginarium clients and cohorts.

Our Team

Students first! The iTeam plays for Team DPS. We are in the Office of Academics and Innovation and we show up every day for 85,000+ students and 5300+ teachers in DPS. We believe that the Denver 2020 Plan is incomplete without innovation and that effective innovation needs strategy, process and facilitation. Our team includes a host of school design coaches, field managers, knowledge management specialists, researchers and project specialists who create space in the district for bold pursuit of a new paradigm of teaching and learning where equity is real and every child succeeds.