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Experience has taught us that innovation is a team sport -- it requires encouragement and thought partnership from a community. This is why we provide opportunities for school leaders and teachers from across Denver who are pursuing innovations in personalized learning to connect to support each other’s success in experiential, flexible, and collaborative learning spaces.

Implementing new and innovative personalized learning experiences requires leaders and teachers to challenge their own status quo, step outside their comfort zones and take a risk. When doing this, mistakes will happen. Risk taking and failing forward is easy to say, but hard to do -- it requires encouragement, feedback, and the open sharing of ideas and experiences from others who are traveling a similar path. Through its Communities of Practice, the Imaginarium creates the unique conditions that foster collaboration and shared learning so that innovations in personalized learning dramatically change outcomes for all students. 
As a member of this community, you will: 

  • Be inspired to take risks and innovate
  • Receive support and feedback to learn from your mistakes
  • Deepen your foundational knowledge of personalized learning
  • Receive tools and resources to design and implement personalized learning experiences for all students.

Many people working in isolation will not transform public education. Transforming public education will only be possible through collective impact. Communities of Practice is about coming together to improve as individual practitioners, but more so to improve as a community. Communities of practice is about collective impact.