If you are passionate about public education and believe that we must think differently about how we do school, then now is the time to take action and join our growing community of innovators. Whether you are a student, DPS team member, or someone passionate about innovation in public education, we want to empower you to bring your ideas to life.  


School Innovation

The Imaginarium supports school leaders and their teams to design, launch, study, and scale innovative school models that are joyful, rigorous and personalized for each student. In partnership with the Imaginarium, clients engage in a process known as the Imaginarium Way. The Imaginarium Way comb... FIND OUT MORE/SIGN UP

Central Office Innovation

An increasing number of school teams are pursuing innovation agendas to transform how they do school. As learning experiences for students begin to look dramatically different from just one decade ago, new demands are being placed on central office teams to change how they support students and educa... FIND OUT MORE/SIGN UP

Community Innovation

A community innovator is any DPS employee, student, parent or community partner who has an idea that holds the potential of radically reinventing public education.   Why do we need Community Innovators? We believe community members have tremendous untapped capacity to creatively solve so... FIND OUT MORE/SIGN UP

Community of Practice

Interested in joining the 2018-19 Communities of Practice? Register here by September 7th. Want to learn more about CoPs? Check out our brochure here, or watch the video below. Experience has taught us that innovation is a team sport -- it requires encouragement and thought partnershi... FIND OUT MORE/SIGN UP

Growth Through Connections Teacher Training Program

In examining the characteristics of schools that have made significant gains in student achievement, researchers have verified what most educators already know to be true: the quality of the relationships within a school community makes a big difference. Although a seemingly obvious insight, buildin... FIND OUT MORE/SIGN UP