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Students Push to Protect Their Rights

Denver Students Begin the Push to Protect Their Rights

Students at Manual High School gathered in the days following the election to share their hopes and fears for the future—and plan for what might come next.

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On the evening of November 18, about 60 people met in the Writing Center at Manual High School to ponder the fate of a nation. “Stand Together, Break the Silence” was a gathering of students, educators, and friends who’d spent the previous 10 days digesting the surprising results of the presidential election. Most of those in the room—primarily people of color—were both defiant and scared.

The Writing Center convened the event to show support for the community and to ask for it from those who may not have been watching and listening so closely in the past. The election of Donald Trump—in spite of his litany of offensive campaign trail language and threats—has awakened many to this new and unexpected chapter in American political and cultural history. These dedicated teens and young adults came together, on the Friday that marked the beginning of their Thanksgiving break, to defend their rights and talk about what comes next.