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Imaginarium Partners with Manual High School, Black Male Initiative to Find Long Term Home for Changing the Narrative Summit

Brendan Landry

In December 2017, the Imaginarium reached an agreement with Manual High School and DPS’ Black Male Initiative to transfer ownership of the Changing the Narrative Summit and put in place a permanent  home for the annual event that focuses on the education and empowerment of young students of color in Denver Public Schools.  


The concept for the Summit was originally developed by the League of Leadership, a student-led innovation team that was organized to empower young males to give voice to their own story through positive connections, mentorship, community service,and academic success. League of Leadership, founded by DPS graduate Aaron Tate, won the 2015 Imaginarium Design Challenge and worked with the Imaginarium’s Community Innovation Program and Manual High School to develop and host the previous two Summits.  To date, Changing the Narrative has provided learning and mentorship opportunities for over 500 DPS students.  

Manual High School and The Black Male Initiative will take over immediately and continue the work of empowering African American Males ages 14-18, increase self-efficacy, develop leadership skills, and eradicate stereotypes of African American men.  The group plans to hold the 3rd Annual Changing the Narrative Summit on Friday, March 9th, 2018. Imaginarium will continue to play an advisory role for the Summit. For more information about the Changing the Narrative Summit, contact. Kendrick Friendly at Kendrick_Friendly@dpsk12.org or 720-423-6582.  

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