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Colorado Teens Helped Design a “Dream School” that May Become a Reality

It’s the start of July, and while most kids are just now starting to fully enjoy their summer with music camps, the pool or even staying home playing video games, a select few are actually back in school — developing video games, learning new songs and even creating stage costumes.

This all started three years ago, when Allison Hastings-Wottowa, 14, Rayne Veazey, 15 and Aileen Jones, 15 were in 7th grade. Over sandwiches and school desks, middle school lunches in the teacher’s classroom slowly turned into a full-blown charter school concept. Laura Pretty is the Pilot Director of Innovation for the Imaginarium (a Denver Public School Innovation Lab). She came to students at the Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS) with an idea in 2014.