Colorado Maker Hub


Colorado Maker Hub (Formerly Mobile Maker Station) was a Design Challenge winner in February 2016 and was awarded $10,000 to implement a project designed to bring a mobile maker station into educational settings to address the dissatisfaction with learningfocused on ‘teaching to the test’ and shift toward more hands-on,curiosity-driven learning that utilizes 21st century tools. The project was led byElise Van Dyne, who has spent several years organizing events in the maker
industry and recognized a need among teachers and students alike to bring thistype of learning to the classroom.

After completing site visits of existing makerspaces, surveying Imaginarium educators, and testing an initial prototype, Colorado Maker Hub developed a minimum viable product (MVP) of the mobile maker station, IdeaLabGo.



Over the course of the partnership with the Imaginarium, Colorado Maker Hub  user-tested an initial prototype of IdeaGoLab and integrated that feedback to  get to a Version 2 Mobile Maker Station that was purchased by Loveland  MakerSpace. This Minimum Viable Product of IdeaGoLab is currently being used  to bring ongoing maker-experiences from classroom to classroom within the  Thompson School District.   

Overall, the project engaged over 500 teachers and students in direct
project-based learning, and it is estimated that it engaged an additional 500  users through participation in other maker-industry fairs and events.   
Although the Colorado Maker Hub realized they do not have the resources to  achieve the initial vision for the project, they verified the demand for
maker-experiences within public schools and have a plan to provide a playbook for a DIY mobile makerspace that will be made available (for free) to any  teacher, school, or district looking to integrate the maker-experience.  



Elise Van Dyne, Laura Mitchell