Let Me Prove You Wrong (DSISD)


Let Me Prove You Wrong (LMPYW) was developed by a team of student leaders from the founding class of Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design (DSISD). As the second class of students enrolled at DSISD, there was a shift in the diversity of the student body.  After digging in to the issue further, the group understood that this growing lack of diversity was related to an overall lack of understanding by middle schools about how to pick a high school that supported their needs, wants, and goals as a student. The student innovators developed LMPYW to provide structured mentorship to support middle school students in DPS through the school choice process.  The project is focused on addressing the following issues related to school choice:

  • Female mentees overwhelmingly have a perception that STEM career paths are males and males only
  • Students who come from low income homes have low self-efficacy and believe that their future is determined by their family’s financial situation
  • Many students are simply unaware of the options for choosing a high school , so they just go with the flow instead of exercising agency to find the best fit

The Let Me Prove You Wrong team pitched their concept in the May 2017 Design Challenge and were awarded $10,000 to support the rollout and testing of the mentorship model with a group of mentees from Dora Moore Middle School. 


Opportunities are often overlooked in middle school, and the high school you attend can have a tremendous impact on your future. Students tend to do better academically and socially while attending high schools that cater to their needs. LMPYW believes that deserve a high school that caters to their needs and supports them in chasing their dreams. Furthermore, students should be able to attend their dream high school without their financial status getting in the way.

Through the LMPYW Mentorship Program:

  • All middle school students across DPS will increase their awareness of  high school options
  • Students will develop an awareness of the impact limiting stereotypes might have on the opportunities they seek
  • All DPS high school students will have access to transportation that will take them to their school of choice



Amida, Anaya, Lauryn, Yousef, Brendan Landry