League of Leadership


In 2015 Aaron Tate, at the time an East High School Sophomore pitched an idea at Imaginarium's 2015 Design for Equity Challenge. His idea: Create a student lead event for African American males, age 13-18 to empower them to be the voice of their own story  through positive connections with African American Males, engaging workshops, and organic networking.  Aaron won $9,000 and a dedicated team of Imaginarium staff to help him make his idea a reality. In the fall of 2015 young men from Manual and East High School came together to identify ways to change the image and perception of African American Males locally and nationally.


The 2015  Changing the Narrative was such a success that Aaron, and the rest of the League of Leadership team decided they wanted to create the experience again.  Aaron and Corey Tate with the help of their Imaginarium support team created League of Leadership, a 501c3 organization.

Their mission: Empowering young males to be the voice of their own story. Making the space to ‘Change the Narrative’ through positive connections, mentorships, community service and academic success.  We are striving to rewrite the lens the world see us through!



Aaron Tate, Jacqueline Dawkins