Involve Board


Over the last few years Maggie has been sending a weekly list of available opportunities to the student body where she works. There are so many incredible opportunities in Denver and around our country, ranging from the Denver Mayor’s Youth Commission to Cornell’s Female Engineering Program. She has witnessed firsthand how these programs can impact students’ lives and help them find their passions. Through sending these weekly emails, Maggie developed relationships with many  organizations. She then realized there was a disconnect happening. Programs aren’t receiving enough applicants, especially diverse applicants, and students aren’t applying to these opportunities, not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t know about them.

This lead Maggie to create a better version of this weekly ‘list’ for the students of Colorado, not just the ones within her school. This is why she created The website serves as a one stop shop for high school students to browse opportunities and filter them based off of their interests, such as art, stem, business, etc. It also helps organizations because can easily upload information about their programs and opportunities for students, parents, and schools to see. Maggie created a prototype of the site last spring and tested it on various students and teachers. The site will fully launch during the 2017-2018 school year. 

Research shows that being involved in an extracurricular activity lowers drop out rates, raises grades, and increases a students' odds of attending college. 



Connect our students to opportunities that are already out there to help them find their passions and potentially change their lives. Involve Board  will be the One-stop shop for student opportunities and summer programs in Denver and across the nation.


Maggie Dering , Brendan Landry