Curls on the Block


Provide the language and support for girls of color and girls with curly hair to be self-confident, experiment with beauty products to fit their needs and get engaged with STEAM through curriculum, community and technology.


  • COTB will offer sessions that explicity connect how making natural hair and skin products is in fact a beginning step into a STEM career.
  • COTB participants will be able to describe and learn technical language that would support conversations with girls of color and curls and build a community.  COTB will be able to support participants attain internships, job shadows, and network opportunities for careers in STEM fields.  
  • COTB participants will be able to identify multiple women of curls and color in STEM fields.
  • COTB participants will have a positive change in self reported confidence. The products created will become a staple in the curly haired community and build better connections in Colorado. The online platform will allow the curriculum and products to be accessible throughout Denver as well as the nation.Participants will use science fairs as an opportunity to research curly hair needs from products comparisons to how the media impacts definitions of beauty.



Analise Harris, Alicia Milner, Brendan Landry