Kunta and Conny developed C3DO (Connected 3D Objects) to address the lack of student engagement around science lessons at all grade levels.  C3DO began as a school project at Stanford’s Technology Entrepreneurship and MIT’s Technology in Education.  The use of Tangible User Interface technology developed at MIT allows us to use hands-on and tactile learning with the flexible benefit of virtual environment.  C3DO facilitates learning around complex science concepts like erosion, cell biology, and astronomy by allowing students to conduct experiments through the use of a combination of tactile components and technology.   

Check out this short video the explains how C3DO works: 



C3DO is commited to increasing student engagement and providing better learning experiences around core science lessons and providing a tool that increases teaching effectiveness. Since prototype testing began in 2016, C3DO has achieved the following outcomes: 

  • Completed prototype testing in 6 schools
  • Reached 200 students from 4 school districts with user testing
  • Completed 3 community demo days (Children's Museum and Boys & Girls Club) 
  • 80% of students reported positively about their experience with the prototype 

Click here to check out the full update on C3Do's project work. 



Kunta Hutabarat, Conny Karman, Brendan Landry