Brainitz was developed to give teachers a quick, easy way to create online lessons that support inclass learning for students. Clint Knox, Brainitz founder and teacher of 10 years, pitched the concept at the May 2017 Design Challenge and was awarded $10,000 to support product testing and development. As a teacher, Clint understands that students learn at different paces, require varying levels of support, and often require the teacher to reteach an entire lesson to make sure each student actually comprehends the learning.  Brainitz is a web based tool that allows teachers to take recorded lessons and embed questions throughout the video to ensure understanding. Videos pause when a question pops up, if a student gets the question wrong, the video goes back to the missed information, replays and asks the student the question again. Unlike traditional videos, Brainitz checks for understanding throughout the video and reteaches the student as needed. 

Click here for an update on Brainitz's 2017-2018 work. 


Brainitz is currently undergoing some user testing with a group of teachers to understand usibility of the tool and work through any bugs that need to be fixed.  When Brainitz is fully implemented in a classroom setting, Clint expects to see: 

  • Measurable growth in student achievement (5% or more) in a 'Brainitz classroom' vs. traditional lecture

  • Teachers using Brainitz in their lesson planning will report significant time savings (in class and in prep time) 



Clint Knox, Brendan Landry