ASSET Education


During the 2016 Imaginarium Design Challenge, Tessa Zimmerman, founder of ASSET Education, won $9,000 to pilot and implement ASSET Education in two DPS schools. Tessa Zimmerman grew up with severe anxiety. When she would ask her teachers or guidance counselors for help, the only tool they could offer her was a stress ball. She quickly found that a stress ball was not an effective resource. Anxiety and stress are rising in students. ASSET Education was founded to equip teachers with tools and lesson plans to teach students how to effectively cope with stress and anxiety, not only in the classroom setting but in life. ASSET was designed to incorporate a variety of coping mechanisms, including mindfulness and positive psychology. Tessa believes that what will truly make students successful in life will be the ability to face adversity using effective coping strategies to mitigate stress and anxiety. 


After 8-weeks of ASSET, students decreased their stress and increased their mindfulness. 

A majority of these students used an ASSET tool outside of school to destress and relax. Those who did use ASSET outside of school had an increase in their mindfulness compared to those who did not use ASSET outside of school. While these findings are preliminary, they show the promise that equipping students with ASSET tools may lead to decrease stress and increased mindfulness in students. 

  • 63% of students used an ASSET tool when they were experiencing stress or anxiety
  • 66% of the students increased their mindfulness
  • 50% of the students decreased their stress
  • 80% of students agreed they would like their other classes to incorporate ASSET
  • 71% of students used ASSET tools at home
  • 53% of students used their ASSET tools in other classes
  • Less than 10% of students report that school helps them cope with stress or anxiety



Tessa Zimmerman, Megan Hennessy, Signe Hawley, Brendan Landry