Community Innovator Update: Brainitz

Brendan Landry 
February 2018

What They're Working On:

Brainitz is an online application that turns passive videos into interactive lessons that give feedback to students and reteaches based on individual student needs. Brainitz came to the Imaginarium partnership with a working prototype and 

the team's current focus is on putting the prototype through extensive user testing to develop a new and improved version of Brainitz. 

Progress To Date:

Led by founder and Community Innovator, Clint Know, the Brainitz team had intended to complete user-testing on a live version of the product over the first semester, but setbacks in recruiting users and issues stabilizing the test platform caused a slight shift in the project focus.  Brainitz has spent the majority of the first semester implementing early user feedback into the platform, getting the bugs out, and preparing for deeper user-testing, which will now happen in the 2nd semester. Brainitz has officially launched a fully functioning product and has an initial cohort of user-testers in place. Project work will continue to focus on further product improvement based on user feedback received over the next few months. 

Check outh the Brainitz Demo:  


What They've Learned So Far: 

  • Getting people to test the product has been harder than expected 

  • The presence of even one 'bug' in your product or process makes every othe minor glitch seem like a bug. Testers lose interest and stop usting the product and getting valuable feedback becomes that much harder 

What They're Celebrating: 

Brainitz was recently named as a finalist for the Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge and will pitch their final plan on March 27th for the chance to win $50,000 in funding. Additionally, the team is in final negotiations with an investor about a small round of funding to grow the Brainitz concept.