Changing the Narrative
Healing The Divide

Un-packing racial bias in the Denver Public School community and bringing unity to Hispanic and African American Males

From early age to adulthood, the statistics around Males of Color tell a staggering narrative: Young males comprise 67 percent of all special education students-80 percent of these are Black and Hispanic males. More alarming, Black and Hispanic students represent more than 70 percent of those involved in school-related arrests or referrals to law enforcement.  


The Changing the Narrative Summit is a student led conference that focuses on learning, creating, and empowering young men of color by providing opportunities and building community. This day long student  focused  event includes breakfast and lunch, breakout and discovery  sessions, keynote speakers, community resources, and support.  Last years sessions included: I Am Better Than Average; Action Follows Identity; How does it feel to be Tyrone?; Stereotypes change lives; Defining My Black Male Masculinity; and Stepping Up to Greatness.


This year Changing the Narrative will be a dynamic experience that will expand attendees perspective and ignite a passion for service. We are excited to announce our keynote speaker,  internationally known recording artist, producer and lecturer Mr. David Banner.

February 22nd
Manual High School

 1700 East 28th Avenue,
 Denver, CO 80205






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Thank you to all of the partners who have made this event  possible


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