Biennial of the Americas

09-12-17 / 09-16-17

Join us for a gathering of top elected, business, NGO and cultural leaders focused on the Western Hemisphere. ​

The Biennial of the Americas returns this September 12 through 16. Gathering leaders from around north, south and central America, the event is known as a confluence for the Western Hemisphere. Today the four-day event announced leaders from 20 countries will participate. This includes everyone from Pulitzer Prize Winning author and screenwriter Dave Eggers to Colombian Mayor Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga. Conversations will range from sustainability to politics and business development. New this year is also a series of “Eats and Inspirations” that gives the public the opportunity to have lunch and dinner with leaders and artists over a panel discussion.


Art is also an important component of the Biennial. With four primary exhibits this year, the featured artists include photography from Brazil’s Guy Veloso and still photography from Gabriel Figueroa. Mi Tierra, an exhibit featuring 13 Latino artists at the Denver Art Museum will also be the main focus. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) will also highlight the artisanal workshops of Jalisco, Mexico in SABER ACOMODAR: Art and Workshops of Jalisco 1915-Now. In addition to these exhibits, the Black Americas Project —  a year-long series of events and conversations that explore the African Diaspora in the Americas — will happen concurrently with the Biennal.