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SXSWEdu: Black Teacher Sustainability Session - 03/07/2018
  A few weeks ago one of the Imaginarium’s directors, Margaret McCormick asked me, “Why don’t Black people become teachers anymore?” It was a good question,  one I had never quite given thought too.  I was personally taught by all Black Teachers until middle...
Imaginarium Partners with Manual High School, Black Male Initiative to Find Long Term Home for Changing the Narrative Summit - 02/15/2018
In December 2017, the Imaginarium reached an agreement with Manual High School and DPS’ Black Male Initiative to transfer ownership of the Changing the Narrative Summit and put in place a permanent  home for the annual event that focuses on the education and empowerment of young students ...
Design Thinking and Diversity - 02/08/2018
    Once in a while I’m in a meeting and we’re talking about design thinking or human-centered design.  The conversation will be rich and thoughtful with people who have a cursory knowledge of the topic heralding how we need to use it in public education, an idea I ...