Senior Innovation Partner

The Innovation Partner will be responsible for leading clients through all phases of the Imaginarium’s design process – known as the Imaginarium way – culminating in the launch of innovations that dramatically improve outcomes for students. Innovation Partners work closely with Research Partners, other Innovation Partners, Communications and Budgeting to achieve team and client goals.  Innovation Partners may also play a support role, helping other Innovation Partners and Research Partners achieve team and client goals.  MORE>>

The Director of Research and Strategy

The Director of Research and Strategy is a key position on the Imaginarium’s leadership team. This position maximizes the positive impact that innovation can have on student learning and equity in Denver Public Schools (DPS) and beyond. The Director pursues this objective by:  Implementing a research agenda and systems to study innovative learning in meaningful ways; Sharing findings in the form powerful stories and actionable knowledge; Transferring knowledge into concrete strategies that affect improvement in Denver Public Schools. MORE>>



Our Clients

We have served over 90 schools, 15 design challenge winners and a small group of central office teams. We work with students, educators and administrators, central office staff and a variety of community partners. See our list of imaginarium clients and cohorts.

Our Team

Students first! The iTeam plays for Team DPS. We are in the Office of Academics and Innovation and we show up every day for 85,000+ students and 5300+ teachers in DPS. We believe that the Denver 2020 Plan is incomplete without innovation and that effective innovation needs strategy, process and facilitation. Our team includes a host of school design coaches, field managers, knowledge management specialists, researchers and project specialists who create space in the district for bold pursuit of a new paradigm of teaching and learning where equity is real and every child succeeds.