Innovation Process

When schools and other clients enter the imaginarium, our team supports them with workshops, planning sessions, learning labs, coaching and consultation services. We also help them navigate a process to ensure that the innovation is well researched, documented, measured and analyzed. Our process and operation is built on the following commitments:

  1. A multi-stage innovation process in which progression for the project is contingent upon analysis and approval of each stage of the innovation process at a gateway transition meeting. The process includes a gradual move toward scale with key gateways for analysis and decision-making about whether or not an innovation should continue to advance.

  2. Rapid prototyping and design thinking process with a focus on user validation activities embedded in process.

  3. Short cycle prototyping with clear documentation of PLAN-DO-STUDY-ACT (PDSA) cycles during implementation.

  4. Metrics development and monitoring to ensure clear study of impact on student agency, student achievement, educator effectiveness and other key factors related to student success.

  5. Knowledge management process and outcomes designed to develop, capture, retrieve and share findings, lessons, best practice and other knowledge gained.

  6. Capacity building to integrate design thinking and innovation practices throughout the DPS ecosystem, including central departments.

Our Clients

We have served over 90 schools, 15 design challenge winners and a small group of central office teams. We work with students, educators and administrators, central office staff and a variety of community partners. See our list of imaginarium clients and cohorts.

Our Team

Students first! The iTeam plays for Team DPS. We are in the Office of Academics and Innovation and we show up every day for 85,000+ students and 5300+ teachers in DPS. We believe that the Denver 2020 Plan is incomplete without innovation and that effective innovation needs strategy, process and facilitation. Our team includes a host of school design coaches, field managers, knowledge management specialists, researchers and project specialists who create space in the district for bold pursuit of a new paradigm of teaching and learning where equity is real and every child succeeds.