The Changing the Narrative Summit is a student led conference that focuses on learning, creating, and empowering young men of color by providing opportunities and building community. This day long student  focused  event includes breakfast and lunch, breakout and discovery  sessions, keynote speakers, community resources, and support.

The Growth Through Connections Program teaches educators a deep understanding of the Common Core State Standards and how to creatively and concretely make connections and build relationships with students to foster academic success. 

Check out a case study on  how 3 of our schools have navigated through beginning to  personalize learning for their students.

Curious about our year? Check out our Year End Review video to see  what the Imaginarium was up to.

Check out our Colorado Public Radio interview on what the Imaginarium and Denver Public Schools' are doing to re-imagine learning spaces, so every child succeeds.


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"We've gone from the Model T to the Tesla, and from the switchboard to the smartphone, yet the way we teach and the way students learn has been frozen in time."Monica Martinez (The Super School Project)

Check out the video to find out why we can't wait to transform the way we "do school."

A world where fish are no longer forced to climb trees